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Get special prices for luxury hotels in Türkiye.

Elegant dealing with customers.

Yacht tours within the Bosphorus Strait.

There is always something new regarding your occasions and surprises for the people you love

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Private photo sessions

Grooms who want to have a unique experience in the car with a photo session in the heart of Istanbul, you can rent it for two to four hours according to your request.

The most luxurious yacht on the Bosphorus for your special occasions

Enjoy luxury on the most luxurious yacht on the Bosphorus Strait

Distinctive sessions in the heart of nature in Istanbul

A unique experience to enjoy a special Turkish breakfast in the heart of the charming forests of Belgrade or within the hidden lakes in the villages of Istanbul, and to have a special photo session for the newlyweds in the heart of nature and enjoy the most beautiful views.

Hotel room equipment

Give love and happiness to the person you love and make a surprise for him in your special hotel room

Upscale hotel reservations on the Bosphorus

Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Hotel, one of the most luxurious and finest hotels in Istanbul on the Bosphorus Strait

Enjoy your own private pool

A special honeymoon in the city of Fethiye with your special room with a private pool, a jacuzzi in the room, and a panoramic view of the sea.

Private yachts within the Bosphorus Strait for all your occasions

Make your special occasions and moments have a sweeter and sweeter meaning within a luxury yacht on the Bosphorus Strait. Ask and wish and the rest is upon us.

Antalya resorts

Book the Land of Legends Resort for you and your family in Antalya, the largest and most beautiful resort for families

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Belge no : 15763

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